A Very British Bedtime

Nui Ami London Chemise Moon White

Have you ever slept in Nui Ami? If so, you’ll know just how exquisitely made our sleepwear is. We British women spend on average up to 60 hours a week in our nightwear so it truly makes sense to insist on comfort, quality and fabulous, flattering design. Fortunately, feeling good doesn’t have to end there: our collections are exclusively designed and produced in the United Kingdom so you can be as comfortable with the provenance of Nui Ami as you are while wearing it.

Provenance and ethics are such important conversations now, as is the declining support of the British manufacturing industry. Despite our increasing awareness, it seems that fashion is becoming ever more globalised - faster and more disposable by the season. It is often difficult to source beautiful, purposeful fashion that meets our design aspirations as well as satisfying our social conscience. Ethically and responsibly produced, Nui Ami creates loungewear and sleepwear to cherish that doesn’t compromise on design, quality or principles. How good does that feel?

Designed in London

Designed in our London studio, beautiful and vibrant places inspire the collections of Nui Ami sleepwear and loungewear. Sense the seductive splendour of Venice and the drama and confidence of New York. Evoke the beauty of blush-pink Parisian cherry blossom and the opulence of Kyoto’s gardens, shrines and geisha.

 Nui Ami - Cup Size Sleepwear Made in Britain, Sleep Beautifully


Made in Wales and London

Glamorous global elegance inspires the Nui Ami stories; however the picturesque green valleys of South Wales and bustling urban streets of North London are where these visions become reality. In these locations highly skilled seamstresses and pattern-cutters work lovingly on small batches: Nui Ami is anything but mass-produced.

Before the majority of Britain’s clothing manufacturing migrated to lower-cost factories abroad, Wales was renowned for its quality lingerie production. Nui Ami uses the last remaining lingerie factory in the Welsh Valleys. The friendly and industrious attitude here is underpinned by a fierce sense of justified pride. Mothers, daughters and old friends work alongside one another, and behind the warm community atmosphere is an unwavering commitment to detail, consistency and ethical production. These women of the Valleys truly fly the flag for the best of British fashion.

The story behind our North London manufacturing base is just as positive. Our silk pyjamas are made in an inspiring award-winning social enterprise factory in Harringey. They run an apprenticeship scheme across the borough to encourage a new generation of British fashion producers; their factory and design studios are rarely without a school trip, inspiring teenagers and children to consider viable futures in British fashion, design and manufacturing.

It’s easy to sleep beautifully in Nui Ami: each garment is created to support both the women who wear it and the women who make it.

 Sanjit Vallance

Sanjit x

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