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Kate Tic Nui Ami Paris Pyjama

Where we produce our lingerie is only half of the Nui Ami story: the quality of our materials is just as important. You’ll only ever wear the finest European fabrics when sleeping in Nui Ami; sumptuous Italian silks, delicate French leavers lace and Austrian silky soft modal silk jersey.

Our pure Italian silk is made in Como. The area around Lake Como is world-renowned for the quality of its silk after a shrewd decision by a medieval duke to surround the lake with mulberry trees. The silkworms couldn’t resist, and the rest is history… Moisture-wicking, sensuously smooth and, in the case of our plain silks, washable, the 19momme pure mulberry silk satin feels indulgent and sensual, and – with the right care – will last you for many years. As every woman worth her silk pyjamas knows, the incredible cooling qualities of silk and the way it protects your skin make for a night of true beauty sleep; silk is the perfect choice if you tend to overheat at night or have very sensitive skin.

Nui Ami Paris pyjama

Our silky-soft modal-silk blend jersey comes from a specialist manufacturer based in as beautiful a spot as can be – the foothills of the Austrian Alps. Touch the fabric and you’ll know why we had to use it; it feels decadently soft and its moisture-wicking, cooling properties help you sleep comfortably all night long. This wonderful fabric just lasts and lasts: it doesn’t shrink, stays vibrantly true to its original colour and remains refreshingly bobble-free. “Bobbling” or “pilling” is a sure sign of a lower-quality fabric and something you’ll never see on a piece of Nui Ami lingerie.

Calais, the centre of French lace making, is home to the intricate lace and tulle we use to add style and romance to so much of our range. Made by artisan producers with generations of skill behind them, the Leavers Lace in our bralettes, camisoles and chemises is manufactured on historic Leavers looms, some more than two centuries old. Each piece of lace is a beautiful testament to the heritage of the Calais lace industry.

Nui Ami Sleep Bralette & Paris Short

We hope you enjoy relaxing, sleeping and seducing in your Nui Ami lingerie, as much as we enjoy designing and making it. Beautifully and responsibly made in the British Isles, with only the finest fabrics, we want you to cherish your purchase for many years to come.

Sleep beautifully. x

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