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Night Journal

The Best Nightdress In The World

As we are at home more than ever, we have all become more conscious of taking better care of ourselves and sleeping well is key to this. Dialling up your wind down routine is an essential part of switching off for the night and choosing some stylish and comfortable new sleepwear has never been more worthwhile.

Learn about our customer favourite and 2020 wardrobe hero - the London Chemise in midnight black. Loved for its fabric and fit, never compromise again between comfort and style, we think we have created the perfect nightdress.

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The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving

Women love to receive something special and luxurious chosen by the person she loves; our collections are created in beautiful palettes of silks, cashmeres and cottons that are guaranteed to delight.

When choosing her special gift, think about the colours she likes to wear. What styles of nightwear does she wear, does she love nightdresses or is she more of a pyjama person, maybe she would love to be spoilt with a gorgeous cashmere robe?

The truth is that most women will love the fact you have taken the time to choose her something beautiful, feminine and luxurious.

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Three Tips for Choosing the Perfect Christmas Gift for the Woman in Your Life: A Guide for Men

Don’t be afraid to buy the woman you love the luxurious sleepwear she covets, made from sumptuous fabrics and beautifully cut to make her feel special, confident and comfortable.

We’re giving you the skills to help you select the perfect gift with confidence, ensuring that you both have a happy, beautiful Christmas... just follow our founder’s three simple tips.

As our founder Sanjit explains, all that a woman really wants for Christmas is to know that she isn’t taken for granted - and a beautiful, luxurious, thoughtful gift is an amazing way to show that and we have three simple tips to help you identify the perfect item with ease.

Don’t play it safe with a spa day or yet another bottle of her favourite perfume - give her something that shows you love and appreciate her, something that you have thought about and that she will cherish for years to come.

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