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Our lives are becoming busier and busier - we’re juggling demanding jobs, caring for children and parents, getting enough exercise, eating healthily and somehow fitting in time with our loved ones. So it’s no wonder that a good night’s sleep has become the holy grail for so many of us. Sadly, however, while we may crave the optimum eight hours a night, the average Brit gets just 6.8 hours, with one third of us getting a paltry five to six hours. So how can we get a better night’s sleep? Advice includes more exercise, less screen time before bed, a relaxing evening routine and a dark, quiet bedroom. The fabric you sleep in - both your sheets and nightwear - is also important, as anything synthetic or heavy can adversely affect your body temperature, which will impact on the quality of your sleep.

Nui Ami - Kyoto Slip


At Nui Ami, all our fabrics are natural and of the finest quality. We source them from the very best European mills, with our sumptuous silk coming from Lake Como in Italy and our amazingly soft modal jersey from the foothills of the Austrian Alps. Whichever piece you choose, you can be sure that the sensuous fabric will wick any moisture away from your skin, ensuring you are beautifully comfortable all night, whether you are a hot or cold sleeper.


Now that you can be certain that your nightwear is made of the very best fabric, you can focus on selecting the style that you like most and that best suits your lifestyle. With our luxurious collection, you can achieve superior comfort without compromising on style. All our nightwear is beautifully made by skilled artisans in Wales and London, who are experts in cut and use tailoring details to blur the line between nightwear and loungewear; our Kyoto pyjama top in particular looks sensational worn with skinny jeans or tailored trousers!


Many of our pieces, such as our chemises, camisoles and bralettes, have softly supportive cups available in cup sizes A-GG for a bespoke, flattering and comfortable fit, all night long. Our cupsize London and Ré jersey chemises are the perfect choice for breastfeeding mothers: the shoulder strap is easy to slip on and off, and the fabric is soft enough for your baby’s delicate skin to rest against.


Nui Ami - Sleepwear Glossary

The terminology for fashion, including nightwear, can be a little bewildering; as we want choosing your perfect sleepwear to be as simple and pleasurable as possible, here is a short glossary to get you started.

  • Chemise: a loose-fitting nightdress - at Nui Ami, our chemises are fitted at the bust for a flattering cut

Nui Ami - Paris ChemiseNui Ami - Paris Chemise

  • Slip: also a loose-fitting nightdress, but our graceful Kyoto slip is unfitted all the way through for those who prefer a looser fit

Nui Ami - Kyoto SlipNui Ami - Kyoto Slip

  • Pyjamas: a classic two-piece nightwear set, pyjamas normally comprise a shirt-style top and loose trousers. Short pyjama sets can be created by combining shorts with a camisole

Nui Ami - Kyoto PyjamasNui Ami - Kyoto Pyjamas

  • Camisole: an elegant loose-fitting top held up with slim straps; at Nui Ami, our camisoles have soft cups for support and shape. Pair with shorts for a cool, summery look

Nui Ami - Paris CamisoleNu Ami - Paris Camisole

  • Robe: a gown to wear over sleepwear for warmth or modesty, or just because you’ll look gorgeous! Nui Ami robes are effortlessly chic and an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe

Nui Ami - Paris Robe in Silk


  • Bralette: a longline, soft bra with no underwiring, our bralettes can be teamed with shorts for a youthful nightwear look. They look incredibly chic worn under shirts or blazers and, unlike many on the market, Nui Ami bralettes are cupsized for the most flattering fit.


With all that choice, all that remains is to decide which will suit you best...

We also know it can be intimidating buying cupsize nightwear as a gift for someone else; with Nui Ami, you can be sure you will pick the perfect item as we work hard to create beautiful nightwear that is attractive and comfortable, seductive yet elegant.

Our ultimate tip is to steal a glance at the recipient’s current sleepwear collection, and choose a piece from Nui Ami’s range that reflects her current favourites. We are of course always available to help you with your decision and answer any questions you may have: please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sleep beautifully x

Nui Ami | Responsibly Made Cupsize Sleepwear

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