Bras in bed - good or bad?

Tyra Banks swears by it. Halle Berry and Mariella Frostrup do it. And that eternal paragon of glamour and style, Marilyn Monroe, claimed it was the secret to her fabulous figure.

The ‘it’ in question is wearing a bra in bed. A bra offers support, comfort and confidence during the day, and the discussion about whether or not it can or should be worn while you are in bed is decades old. It has been claimed that it can help keep breasts perkier by preventing sagging, and at the other end of the spectrum that it can lead to breast cancer. We wanted to discover the truth for ourselves.


Is it bad for your body?

The argument against wearing a bra to sleep in was based on a concern, first aired in the 1990s, that it could block toxins from being flushed away from your lymphatic system - potentially leading to breast cancer.  However, an extensive US study using data from more than 1,000 American women comprehensively disproved that theory by demonstrating that there is no link between bra usage - including how many hours a day one is worn - and breast cancer.

Will it lead to perkier breasts?

Now we can sleep easily knowing that wearing a bra to bed won’t make us more susceptible to breast cancer, we can ask the million-dollar question: does it help stop your breasts sagging and make them perkier? While some experts say that it won’t do anything as bras are designed to push your breasts up, for when you’re upright and mobile during the day, rather than in (which you would need when you’re lying down), others - such as Matthew Schulman, a board-certified plastic surgeon - disagree. He says that ‘wearing a bra [at night] will reduce the strain and stretch on the breast tissue’.

So the jury is out about whether wearing a bra at night will make your breasts any perkier; however, we do know that it won’t cause any harm, so if you prefer the comfort and support that a bra offers then you should absolutely continue to wear one. And if that bra happens to make you look and feel alluring, then so much the better...

What should you look for in lingerie that you wear at night?

Bedtime is becoming increasingly glamorous, with beautifully made pieces fit for a Hollywood siren becoming more and more popular. No matter what you wear, comfort and confidence are the key considerations when selecting your nightwear: at Nui Ami, we carefully craft all our pieces with both in mind so you look gorgeous and feel comfortable, all night long.


Nui Ami Lace Sleep Bralettes

Nui Ami’s bralettes are a chic choice for night-long comfort and confidence


The one thing that the experts do agree on unanimously is that you should choose a bra without underwiring, as it can rub, causing redness and soreness. With Nui Ami’s range, you can go without a bra entirely but still enjoy the support of one. Our chemises, camisoles and bralettes are free of underwiring and have soft, secretly supportive cups available in sizes A-GG for a bespoke, flattering and comfortable fit - so you can enjoy the confidence and support that comes from wearing a bra, without sacrificing comfort.

New York Lilac & Indigo Camisole

Our camisoles, such as this one from our New York collection, all have softly shaping cups, with no underwiring or padding

Fabric is also an important consideration: select natural materials that will let your skin breathe and wick away any moisture. At Nui Ami, our sumptuous silks and jerseys are 100% natural and sourced from the very finest mills in Italy and Austria. They are luxuriously, touchably soft next to your skin and the way they are cut by our skilled British artisans will ensure you feel seductive, elegant and glamorous - and look irresistible.

New York Lilac and Indigo Chemise

Our New York chemise is made from luxurious Italian silk satin and exquisite French leavers lace - you won’t want to take it off...

In conclusion, what you wear to bed is a very personal decision and is a choice that balances comfort with confidence. At Nui Ami, we believe that you can have both, and lovingly create pieces that will make you look and feel gorgeous in bed, whether you are sleeping or not...

Sleep beautifully x

Nui Ami | Cupsize Sleepwear Responsibly Made in the UK

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