"All that a woman really wants for Christmas is to know that she isn’t taken for granted - and a beautiful, luxurious, thoughtful gift is an amazing way to show that." Nui Ami Founder, Sanjit Vallance

Nui Ami | Luxurious Silk Sleepwear | Paris Silk Pyjamas

Nui Ami’s collection of luxurious sleepwear is made from the softest Italian silk satin and delicate French leavers lace, making for an exquisite present for your wife or girlfriend; she will love a gorgeous chemise or robe and may not be able to justify buying one for herself.

It’s much easier than you might think to get it right: in some ways, choosing women’s sleepwear is not dissimilar to buying a good suit - the key is high-quality fabric and exquisite tailoring. Don’t panic though, you don’t need a tape measure - you just need to follow our three simple steps below.

Nui Ami | Christmas Gift | Mens Gifting Guide

Make her feel special and appreciated

Buying a gift for your significant other can often feel like a bit of a minefield - you want to treat her but you’re nervous about giving her something she hates or, even worse, something you invest in which she pretends to love and then quietly puts at the back of her cupboard, never to be seen again.

A beautiful, luxurious, thoughtful gift is the perfect way to show your partner that she isn’t taken for granted. Don’t play it safe with a spa day or yet another bottle of her favourite perfume - give her something that shows you love and appreciate her, something that you have thought about and that she will cherish for years to come.


How to choose a gift from Nui Ami that she will love: size, colour and courage

Our founder's advice for a man buying luxury sleepwear for the woman he loves is to follow her ‘rule of three’: size, colour and courage:

  1. Find the right size: Whilst she's out, have a quick look in her underwear drawer to establish her bra size. Why not take a photo of the label to ensure you capture the number and letter: there will be a number, normally between 30 and 40, and a letter or double letter - for example 34C or 32EE. Next, go to her wardrobe to note her dress size - it will either be a number or XS, S, M, L or XL.
  1. Identify her preferred colour palette: Work out which colours she gravitates towards. Does she choose darker shades like black, navy and maroon, or are her cupboards full of lighter, more spring-like colours?
  1. Be confident: Women adore being given something luxurious, beautiful and elegant by someone they love. Armed with the information above you can now choose a beautiful piece she will love from our collection

Nui Ami | Luxury Sleepwear | Kyoto Slip in Italian Silk


Still not sure? Go for one of our bestsellers

If you’re still worried about what to buy, why not choose one of our most popular items? Women most often buy themselves one of our bestselling silk or jersey chemises (often referred to as a nightdress, or nightgown).

Nui Ami | Christmas Gift Guide | Bordeaux Silk Chemise

Our subtly seductive silk and lace cupsize Bordeaux chemise is such a beautiful, rich colour - perfect for Christmas, while the London and chemises are made from touchably soft silk modal jersey - great for spring and summer too. These chemises are available in a range of cup- and dress sizes for a bespoke, flattering fit that will make her feel confident and comfortable.

 We’ve also noticed our bralettes, camis and shorts are becoming increasingly popular, for those who prefer a playful, youthful look.

 Our robes and pyjamas are also very popular, and would be a great choice if you’re having difficulty finding her bra size, as they are not cup-sized. They’re made from the same sumptuous silk as all our pieces and are a beautiful, modern take on sleepwear.

Nui Ami | Cup Sized Luxury Sleepwear | Paris Blush Camisole in Italian SilkNui Ami | Christmas Gift Guide | Bestselling Paris Silk Pyjamas

Nui Ami | Luxury Sleepwear | Kyoto Garden Robe in Italian SilkNui Ami | Luxury Sleepwear | Paris Robe in Italian Silk

Need help? Let the Nui Ami team guide you personally


If you’re still struggling to choose the perfect item, we’d be delighted to help you: helping our customers decide on size, style, colour and fit is one of our favourite parts of what we do, so please feel free to call or email us.


Exquisite wrapping and no-stress returns

Nui Ami | Christmas Gift Guide | Bordeaux Striped Sleep Shirt
For ultimate peace of mind, our returns and exchanges are straightforward: the item will come with a returns label for easy returns and exchanges.

Each of our items comes beautifully wrapped in a luxurious branded box, with tissue, ribbon and a card, so it will look beautiful under the tree and be a delight to open on Christmas morning. 











An ethical gift

The environmental and social credentials of a company are becoming increasingly important to women as they shop. We’re proud to be a conscious company: all of our fabrics are responsibly sourced in Europe, and the collection is crafted here in the UK and Portugal, so you can be confident you’ve given a gift that respects and cares for the people that made it, and the environment. 



Nui Ami | Luxury Cupsize Sleepwear | Responsibly Made in the UK & PortugalA joyful Christmas for everyone

When you've chosen the perfect item for your partner, you can relax and revel in a stress-free run up to Christmas, knowing that, come Christmas morning, you will have made the person you love feel happy and cherished.


Sleep beautifully x

Nui Ami | Luxury Cup Size Sleepwear | Responsibly Made in UK & Portugal




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