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How and why the sleepshirt is the coolest and hardest working item in your wardrobe.

For many women the spirt of masculine dressing is epitomised by the wearing of a man’s shirt; it symbolizes independence, sexual freedom and gender equality.
Since we launched Nui Ami we have been inundated with requests to create a Nui Ami sleepshirt. And we were intrigued where women's love for the sleepshirt comes from. In terms of nightwear choices, we think the sleepshirt is chic, classic and supremely comfortable, with a more subtle cool girl sexy appeal.

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Three Tips for Choosing the Perfect Christmas Gift for the Woman in Your Life: A Guide for Men

Don’t be afraid to buy the woman you love the luxurious sleepwear she covets, made from sumptuous fabrics and beautifully cut to make her feel special, confident and comfortable.

We’re giving you the skills to help you select the perfect gift with confidence, ensuring that you both have a happy, beautiful Christmas... just follow our founder’s three simple tips.

As our founder Sanjit explains, all that a woman really wants for Christmas is to know that she isn’t taken for granted - and a beautiful, luxurious, thoughtful gift is an amazing way to show that and we have three simple tips to help you identify the perfect item with ease.

Don’t play it safe with a spa day or yet another bottle of her favourite perfume - give her something that shows you love and appreciate her, something that you have thought about and that she will cherish for years to come.

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Sleeping in Support of Future Dreams: our chemise especially created for women beating breast cancer

Nui Ami has created a special version of their bestselling chemise to raise money for Future Dreams, which supports women on their breast cancer journeys and funds research. 

We have lovingly designed this flattering, exquisitely crafted chemise to provide comfort and inspire confidence when it is needed most - but it is a slip that will also make all women look and feel their best, not just those beating cancer. 20% of the proceeds from the sale of this chemise will be donated to Future Dreams, to help them support women when they need it most.

The Future Dreams Blush Chemise is especially created for women who have had surgery to treat breast cancer: the bust features a discreet pocketed inner cup, able to hold a breast form in place, if required. Available in nine softly supportive cup sizes 30-40 B-GG.

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Nui Ami's Sleepwear Sirens of the Silver Screen

At Nui Ami we are particularly enraptured by the sleepwear and lingerie on the silver screen, especially when it's worn by strong, complex, interesting female characters.

Sleepwear is possibly the most intimate and most telling clothing choice a woman can make, worn as it is when she is in her private space. Discover our favourite sleepwear moments from the silver screen....

Nui Ami | Sleepwear Sirens of the Silver Screen  Princess Margaret | The Crown | Netflix

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