Double Denim

We've seen many celebrities rock the all denim look lots of times in the past. Those with vivid memories of pop culture will easily recall how Britney Spears and her boyfriend at the time, Justin Timberlake, both wore denim at the 2001 American Music Awards. But that was the 90s; it seemed cool back then. After that, wearing double denim caused you to be laughed at.

 But although new trends in fashion pop up from time to time, there's always the inevitable bringing back of what was once forgotten. Since 2015, denim has been on the comeback trail. Almost every designer at spring/summer runways seemed to embrace everything denim; collections included denim dresses, denim skirts and denim jackets.

      AG Jeans
So if you've still got a couple of denim pieces in your wardrobe, why not bring those items out from hiding? Here are some tips on the best way to wear them:
  • Try a distressed denim look. While it's not a crime to pair same denim shades, putting on different styles makes your whole outfit look so much better. A good style is the distressed denim (think ripped jeans or ripped shorts) paired with another denim clothing.
  • Dress up your denims. Double denim will look fine by itself but you can add more color and life to your wardrobe by throwing in something else. For example, you can use shoes with a striking color to pair with your all denim outfit. Another good look would be to wear a checked shirt beneath your denim jacket.
  • Choose denim in clean washes and classic styles. You can pair a straight-leg jean with a cropped denim jacket. You can also wear a polo neck underneath your denim shirt when winter comes.
  • Get the right fit. Following the trends doesn't mean you have to copy exactly how a certain person wears denim on denim. You have to make sure that your denim items fit you just right too. For example, high-waist jeans highlight curves while some jeans make you look slimmer. Knowing which features you want to flaunt or hide helps you choose a denim item that works perfectly.
  • Refrain from wearing denim accessories. The denim shirt and the denim jeans work perfectly fine, just don't add anything more. In other words, double denim is fine but throwing in a denim bag and denim shoes is pushing it a bit.
  • Pair up light and dark denim. Although there's absolutely nothing wrong with pairing the same shade of denim for your outfit, using different shades can create a slimming effect. For instance, you can pair a dark denim jean with a light denim top.

    Olivia Palermo at Kate Spade 

Frame Denim

Wearing denim on denim is no longer a laughing matter. But rather than just throw anything that is denim on top of another, try to add something more to your outfit. Whether it's wearing a shirt under your denim top or opting for colored shoes, doing these will really help pull your double denim look together.

Our new LA pyjama takes our global obsession with denim to the bedroom with a stunning mid-tone denim print on silk satin, edged with a copper trim and with matching shell buttons. Lovingly designed and made here in London. Wear in, wear out. 

Nui Ami LA Denim Print Silk Pyjama

Nui Ami Denim Print Silk Pyjama

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